Cork And Bamboo


Cork flooring is quickly being recognized as a truly unique environmentally friendly flooring choice. Cork is available is a wide variety of natural colors and patterns. Cork is a sustainable floor choice as it is harvested from the bark of the cork tree. These trees grow primarily in Southern Europe (mainly Portugal). These trees are such a valuable resource that they are protected and managed by governmental agencies. The cork tree (Quercus Subor) is allowed to grow for approx. 25 years before the bark from the tree is harvested. Then, about 50% of the trees bark is removed to be used in the manufacturing of flooring as well as other materials. The bark from these trees usually grows back and can be harvested within 9 years. These trees are harvested by hand, making this a truly environmentally friendly and sustainable floor choice. Cork flooring offers unmatched natural beauty and character that you will not find in other flooring choices. Cork flooring was initially offered in a glue down tile format and now is available as a glue down tile and as a click lock floating floor. The floating floor method of installation has become very popular and is growing rapidly in residential applications. Cork flooring has been found to be quite durable because you have the ability to refinish it almost like a hardwood floor. Cork flooring also is very clean and gives the same benefits to homeowners with breathing issues looking to get away from carpeting, but at the same time giving you something softer under foot than ceramic tile or hardwood. Cork has been used in every area of the house becoming more and more popular in kitchens, living rooms and even home gyms. Choose from our great selection of the world’s best cork manufacturers.